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Welcome now brings you beautiful, original high-end paintings of many genres directly from established painters from around the world.

Jan Fabian Wallake, the first of many artists who will be joining this site, has been an accomplished and widely renown watercolor artist for over 30 years with her own publications, nationwide recognition, and international teachings. PaintPal Club is honored and privileged to have an extended relationship with Jan.

Personal Message from Jan
“I am Jan Fabian Wallake, a professional artist and author (“Watercolor: Pour It On”, North Light Books). I have taught watercolor workshops all over the US and in many foreign countries.” is opening it’s Virtual Doors – WE NEED ARTISTS

PaintPal Club is an online art gallery for selling Original Artwork directly from the artists. PaintPal Club is becoming a collaboration of well-known professional and established watercolor artists that are offering their original beautiful paintings for sale through our website, Each artist must meet 5 qualifications and 5 requirements before becoming a member of […]

Jan Fabian Wallake judges Houston International Watercolor Exhibition.

“It was my honor to choose the accepted entries and awards. So many beautiful paintings to see. I carefully viewed every painting several times and looked for excellence in composition and technique, confident brushwork, a distinct approach to a subject, and a display of the uniqueness of the watercolor medium. Neither subject nor “style” was […]